Do’s and Dont’s

top 10 DO
take advantage of the design community you are in now (profs, peers…)
make things you LIKE
networking; LinkIn, Info Interviews, VIsiting Firms
understand the importance of designer/client relationship
get paid for your work
be open to learning new things
be intentional about putting your work out in the world
do research before a project, gather info and options
have an online portfolio 
be open to whatever job you can find
design a strong identity system for yourself

be humble

top 10 DONT
procrastinate. stay on top of deadlines and keep projects moving 
stop making art
be a print-only designer
don’t be boring, embrace being unique and yourself 
don’t be unsure of your abilities
don’t be disorganized/cluttered
don’t let intimidation keep you from pursuing jobs or putting work out there
don’t get comfortable and stop pushing yourself
don’t be afraid or unopened to change 
don’t get stuck on “the ideal” overlook whats available right now


General Strengths…

Overall there was a number of them that explained fairly well what was going to be happening on their posters. They in a few cases states when, where, and why there project was happening. “Sleepers in the Green” and “Popsillycles” were two that stood out that seemed to have the information needed on the poster to explain what they wanted to happen. I think overall most people where able to decipher what they thought projects were gonna be about it a fairly educated way. 

Critique of mine…

I need to figure out if my goal is to have a day that I want to promote people to wear headscarves on the particular day, and than photograph on that day. I think in some ways that could be powerful but in some ways it might than become an event of one time. When #headscarfwednesday is not that. I need to have a more solid feel of what i want #headscarfwednesday to be defined as also.

Snapchat scavenger hunt…

For the snapchat scavenger hunt, i think in ways it was clear what it is, its exactly what the title says, and the poster seemed to show the places where the things will be that are found. What i didn’t get from the poster was how snapchat was specifically gonna be used. And how it’d be executed exactly. 

Interrupt 2…

My interruption… has changed. I decided to interrupt in another way, although i still looooove cupcakes. So instead of cupcakes, we do #headscarfwednesday. Since #headscarfwednesday is a project that im “passionate” about and think it really could be something. Ive decided that should be my interrupt project. Take something ive already done, do, and love, and try to make it bigger than what has been made of it. To make it a movement. To make it something recognizable and remembered, and done. 


1. What has to be ready or needed to accomplish or begin to accomplish what i want #headscarfwednesday to become, would be an identity. the hashtag and concept of #headscarfwednesday needs a look. A logo, an identity. I also think it needs, a blog or type thing, a pinterest board (which already existed), potentially an instagram page, twitter, and facebook page. The reason i steer away from an instagram page and twitter, it because the concept and name of #headscarfwednesday, its a hashtag and should continue to be it makes it available to all, and can be searched from anyone. I also think it may need a kickstarter video. make it something that is something, make it become more than just a hashtag to add to your picture but a movement. People, i need people, if possible i want to try to have one wednesday where i get a lot of people willing to do it. In that case i would need people at a specific time, place, and for a specific reason. Even without that happening, people are still needed, to make #headscarfwednesday known people are needed people have to join in. 

2. Documenting. A lot of documentation for this project is just doing the above things. Making a blog, updating the pinterest board, making a video. So a lot of the documentation is just that making those things actual and a thing. If a #headscarfwednesday becomes a day that i can get people to join in, my documentation would most definitely include pictures. Which would be included either way. 

3. For my modle, first i may make an actual modeling showing people and things. But idk if that is needed a lot of making my interruption successful is giving it an identity. It needs to become something that has a face or look before people decide to participate. 

Also something im struggling with is if I try to get a big group of people to do it on a certain wednesday and try to promote that in any way, it becomes more of a one time event. Which is what i want to push away from i dont want it to become a one time thing. 



After talking and sharing in class, my mind is kinda going a lot of places. A lot of the worries I thought of came up in class such as, people actually taking cupcakes, and them being outside in the gross. Idea came up in class, like having a chair, and table, and napkins or something, and having a person there giving them out. Also another idea was does it have to be actual cupcakes?… how about pins or prints. Which i love… pins. i think pins could be really fun, affective, and cute. So it kinda of depends to i want this interruption to be an actual moment of stopping, sitting and eating, or do i want this interruption be something were its a second of surprise with a thing to take away from it with? i think im leaning towards the second.


Lets interrupt. Okay so Im good at being loud and interrupting things that dont always want to be interrupted, but when we were given the assignment of intentionally interrupting peoples lives in a way they notice and thats unique and interrupts ones daily walk. Well lets say it was hard for me to have an idea. I wanted something that was intentionally designed, but also showed like good design. In its physical appearance i want it to be cute. Okay so my idea… 

"Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake" Thats the theme i want to take a large frame design a graphic for it that has to do with keeping calm and having a cupcake, leaving a worry and eating a cupcake. I want to be a thing people approach and its happy and cute and cupcakes! you can take a moment and not worry not stress not think about everything people having going on and just eat a simple cupcake. And who doesnt love cupcakes i mean come on. I want it to be hung somewhere, first i thought from like a tree in the middle of somewhere where people walk by, but i dont know if that completely possible so that’ll be one obstacle, where to hang it? I also thought about leaving space on the design for people to write, with markers left too. If i put "leave a worry, eat a cupcake" on the board i want to kinda see if people actually write those worries. write what they are leaving. 

Clearly in the beginning stages. But yep cupcakes!

People Id love to show things…

Megan Knight Gonzalez

Missy Austin

still adding more too…